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Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) Indoor electrosmog Electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMF) are colloquially referred to as electrosmog (e-smog) and describes the sum of existing electric or magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation and their possible interactions the effects on humans. Electric or magnetic fields are generated e.g. by the A/C 230V […]

Formaldehyde in living spaces

Is formaldehyde harmful to health in living spaces? Formaldehyde (methanal), called formalin as an aqueous solution, is a colorless gas and is found in a whole range of materials and building materials such as paints, varnishes or in wood composites such as chipboard or OSB panels. Formaldehyde may be present as part of the binders […]

Mineral fiber insulation materials

Health risk from artificial mineral fibers Artificial mineral fibers (KMF) usually consist of glass, rock and mineral wool as well as binders. KMF insulation materials are widely used, for example, in the thermal insulation of buildings or pipelines and in sound insulation. KMF fibers manufactured before 1995 can be carcinogenic. A health risk from KMF […]

Radon indoors

Radon concentrations in living spaces Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas in the soil, it is invisible, odorless as well as tasteless. Radon concentrations in the soil can vary greatly depending on the soil conditions. The radon activity concentration is measured in Becquerel (Bq). Radon enters buildings through leaks in building components adjacent […]

Mobile radio spectrum analysis

Spectrum analysis of high frequency Frequency-selective measurement of high-frequency (HF) immissions In the generally more frequently used method of RF imaging, the so-called broadband measurement, the sum of all RF immissions present at the time of measurement can be recorded, as well as an acoustic signal characteristic of the respective mobile radio service. Depending on […]

Mobile radio shielding

Shielding of high-frequency immissions (HF immissions) The term “shielding” gives the impression that nothing can get through after a shielding material has been applied, i.e. that the RF emission is completely blocked. However, this is not the case for the shielding of RF immissions. The correct term is RF attenuation or shielding effectiveness. This indicates […]

Healthy building and renovation

Property survey / Building biology building check Healthy building and renovation is gaining importance and offers a variety of possibilities to avoid or reduce pollutants in building materials. Energy-efficient construction and renovation places high demands on the building envelope and its airtightness. However, airtight construction is often the cause of the accumulation of pollutants or […]

Indoor pollutants

Indoor pollutants We spend most of our lives indoors. Due to the airtight construction of new buildings or building renovation, the risk of mould growth and pollutant contamination increases. There are no fixed limit values for living spaces, so that orientation values of the Association for Indoor Pollutants (AGÖF e.V.) or the building biology guideline […]

Healthy indoor climate

Healthy indoor climate We spend two thirds of our lives indoors and about 25 years of our lives asleep. The indoor climate is therefore an essential component for comfortable, healthy living and supports the recovery phase during the night’s rest. Healthy and restful sleep is essential for cell regeneration, which is important for the formation […]

Molds in living spaces

Health risk due to mold in living spaces Mold infestation in living spaces can cause health complaints such as. Respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, headaches, irritation of the skin, nose or eyes. Systemic fungal infection is possible in immunocompromised individuals. Whether there is a health risk depends on the concentration of spores as well as the […]

Building thermography

Infrared thermal imaging in building biology Thermography is an imaging method that makes temperature distributions visible. With the help of an infrared thermal imaging camera, the temperature differences on the surface of a building component, such as a wall surface, become visible by means of colour gradients. Thermal bridges or weak points in the building […]

Mobile radio & WLAN in living spaces

Health risk from mobile radio & WLAN in living rooms and bedrooms High frequency is the term used to describe electromagnetic fields (EMF-HF) with frequencies above 300 kHz. In mobile communications, a whole range of frequencies are used for the transmission of communication and data, these range from 700 MHz to 2,600 MHz (2.6 GHz). […]