Building Biology Consulting

Consulting services and expert opinions for building biology and health-related topics in living and sleeping spaces to improve indoor climate:

  • Construction and renovation support
  • Advice on building materials and insulating materials
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields and waves, creation of individual concepts for shielding measures
  • Examination of molds and pollutant loads
  • Advice on a healthy tech-life balance

Investigation of Technical Fields – Electric Smog

Measurement of electromagnetic fields and waves (EMF) in low frequencies (LF) as well as high frequencies (HF). Investigation of living or sleeping space:

  • Electric fields
    – Alternating electric fields
    – Constant electric field (electrostatics)
  • Magnetic fields
    – Magnetic alternating field
    – Constand magnetic field (magnetostatics)
  • High frequency (spectrum analysis up to 13 GHz)

Radon investigation

Measurements of radon gas concentrations

  • In residential and indoor areas
  • Subsoil investigations
  • Quality assurance for new building projects
  • Long-term measurements using data loggers
  • Recommendations for renovation projects

Mould and pollutant investigation

  • Indoor air testing
  • Material samples
  • Moisture analysis
  • Highly volatile pollutants VOC
  • Heavy volatile pollutants SVOC
  • Fibers / Particles

Building thermography

Investigations with an infrared thermal imaging camera:

  • Accompanying an air tightness test
  • Accompanying a moisture inspection
  • Energetic renovation control
  • Investigation of thermal bridges

Real estate and land survey

  • Property check:
    – Examination for pollutants and mold
    – Moisture investigation
    – Examination for Electric, magnetic fields / low frequency (electrosmog)
    – Examination for Electromagnetic fields / high frequency (electrosmog)
    – Examination Radon gas concentrations

High frequency shielding concepts

  • Recommendations for reduction or avoidance
    of electromagnetic fields and waves
  • Supervision during renovation
  • Quality control

Property survey

  • Geological faults
  • Radon soil gas concentrations
  • Electric, magnetic fields / low frequency (electrosmog)
  • Electromagnetic fields / high frequency (electrosmog)