About me

Baubiologie Frenkel-Piesch - Baubiologe Allgäu

Andreas Frenkel-Piesch

  • State-certified technician specialising in environmental protection technology
    Focus: Renewable energies, ecological energy use, building energy consulting
  • Environmental Management Representative UMB-TÜV, Environmental Auditor (ISO)-UA -TÜV,
    Environmental Auditor (EG)-UBP-TÜV
  • Specialist for damage to buildings and building restoration (TÜV)
  • Building biology evaluation technician IBN (for fields, waves, radiation, pollutants and molds)
  • Building biologist IBN (Institute for Building Biology + Sustainability)
  • Radon expert (VDB)

I established my office for energy consulting and renovation support for residential buildings in 2007 in Eppstein im Taunus, working as a BAFA building energy consultant. In 2011, I expanded my services as I became a KFW expert for funding programmes for energy-efficient renovation, as well as renovation support for residential buildings. In 2012, I completed further training as an expert for damage to buildings and building restoration (TÜV). In 2013, I was listed as an efficient housing expert by the German energy agency DENA.

In 2013, I moved to Oberallgäu to continue running my agency for building energy consulting and to expand my range of services as an expert with a focus on evidence-gathering for existing buildings. Since 2013, I have been offering sleeping and living space examination services, as well as measurements of electromagnetic fields and waves (low frequency) and electromagnetic immissions at high frequencies.

After training to become a building biologist (IBN) as well as a building biology evaluation technician (IBN), my service range is now entirely focused on the analysis and investigation of living and sleeping spaces as well as holistic consultation around healthy living. In 2021, I achieved qualification as a radon expert VDB. My valuable experience gained from numerous energy balances of existing buildings, the documentation of building damage as well as from building thermography is fully applicable to the analysis of bedrooms and living spaces.

I carry out my evaluations of building biology examinations according to the international guidelines for preventive health care and the standards of building biology measurement technology, SBM 2015. I constantly participate in continuing education and advanced training, as well as routine examinations of measurement technology in the field. These are indispensable building blocks in my fulfillment of the demanding tasks of modern building biology.

Quality Assurance

Verband Baubiologie – Conference Baubiologica – Online
VDB Early Bird – February, March, April, May, June, July – Online
VDB 3M – February, March, April, May, July, September – Online
BNK Auditor Education – BiRN
Building Biology Conference for Healthy Interiors of the Association e.V.
Building biology building monitoring, building investigation in according to VDB-Zert
VDB Early Bird – July, August, October, November – Online
VDB 3M – February, July, August, September, October, November – Online
International Conference – 5G Mobile Radio – Risks and Perspectives
Training seminar with certificate of competence: Measurement of VOC / SVOC – VDB
2022 QA in spectrum analysis – measurement of 5G Fast – VDB
2022 Workshop Professional RF Shielding – IMS
2022 11th EMC Conference – VDB
2022 Dirty power measurement – IMS
2021 Practical workshop on HF shielding – Cuprotect
2021 Ring test radon soil gas measurement -VDB
2021 Quality assurance workshop – VDB
Technical exchange on QS and personal certification, Baubio Süd/VDB e. V.
2021 Quality assurance HF spectrum analysis – ring measurement – IMS
2021 Seminar “Radon Intensive” – VDB
Verband Baubiologie – Online expert evening – Indoor odours
Technical exchange on scintillation, potential-free E-field measurement, Baubio Süd/VDB e. V.
2021 Competence Week – “Rehabilitation Special II – VDB
2020 Workshop – Mains harmonics „Dirty-Power“ – IMS
2020 QS Workshop “Alternating Electric and Magnetic Fields – IMS
2020 Workshop alternating magnetic fields LF – IMS
2020 High frequency – spectrum analysis – IMS
2020 5G New Radio – IMS
2020 Advanced seminar “Pollutants” – IBN
2020 Advanced seminar “Mold” – IBN
2020 Advanced seminar “Fields-Wave-Radiation” – IBN
2019 Speaker – Electromagnetic fields in living spaces – Vals (CH)
2019 Seminar- “Mold+Pollutants” – IBN
2019 Seminar- “Fields-Waves-Radiation” – IBN
2019 5G Congress Mainz
2016 Speaker – Electromagnetic fields in living spaces – NHV Kempten
2013 Calculation of thermal bridges
2015 Energy consulting during construction – DEN e.V.
2013 48. Building Experts Day
2013 10. South German Energy Consultants Forum
2013 ETICS – Avoiding mistakes and damage – Caparol Akademie
2012 47. Building Experts Day

Our Services for Healthy Living

This is how we ensure you lead a healthy life in your home.

Baubiologische Beratung

Building Biology Consulting

Building biology consulting and monitoring of building projects or renovation measures, building materials, insulation materials, technical fields (electric pollution), light, radon, pollutants, mold, energy conservation.


Electric Pollution Reading

Measure of AC electric, magnetic field and electromagnetic waves in radiofrequencies by means of frequency-specific spectrum analysis. Individual assessment, recommendations for prevention.


Property Checks

Building, apartment and property surveys for moisture, pollutants, mold, radon. Reading of external influences such as high-voltage power lines, railroad lines or mobile radio.

Abschirmung von Hochfrequenz

Electromagnetic Shielding Concepts

Custom concepts for shielding of electric pollutions: AC electric, magnetic fields an Radio frequency.

Untersuchung Schimmelpilze

Mold Examination

Identification of indoor airborne microbe and particle clusters as well as material sampling. Measurements of indoor humidity, temperature, wall surfaces.

Renovation Supervision

Supervision of construction or renovation projects under the guidelines of building biology. Assessment of indoor air quality or quality assurance following measures to shield from e.g. high frequencies.