Schimmelpilze in Wohnräumen

Health risk due to mold in living spaces

Mold infestation in living spaces can cause health complaints such as.
Respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, headaches, irritation of the skin, nose or eyes. Systemic fungal infection is possible in immunocompromised individuals.

Whether there is a health risk depends on the concentration of spores as well as the genus.

Common causes of mold infestation are:

  • insufficient thermal insulation
  • thermal bridges
  • insufficient or improper heating
  • increased moisture production in the interior
  • insufficient or improper ventilation
  • moisture buffering of building materials
  • Moisture in the building structure due to leakage and rising damp or building moisture (in new buildings)
  • Moisture damage due to improper energetic modernization

An analysis of the cause of a mold infestation is just as important for lasting success as the professional removal of infested areas. Remediation must always be carried out professionally in order to prevent spreading to non-contaminated areas.