Property survey / Building biology building check

Healthy building and renovation is gaining importance and offers a variety of possibilities to avoid or reduce pollutants in building materials.

Energy-efficient construction and renovation places high demands on the building envelope and its airtightness. However, airtight construction is often the cause of the accumulation of pollutants or humidity in indoor spaces.

When planning a new home, consideration should be given to the selection of tested building materials, examination of the building site, and shielded electrical installation. A ventilation concept is also mandatory today to avoid moisture damage or the accumulation of pollutants. Contaminated sites such as PCB, lindane, formaldehyde, artificial mineral fiber insulation materials or asbestos are often found in older existing buildings.

Before renovating an existing property, a building biology building check should be carried out. Pollutants, moisture damage or mold or outdated electrical installations must be taken into account during renovation. The building biology building check forms the cornerstone for healthy living, on which a renovation plan can be built. The health precaution begins already in the own four walls with the selection of pollutant-tested building materials and facility objects as well as the avoidance of electrical smog.

After completion of a residential building, in addition to the obligatory air tightness measurement, a room air examination for pollutants, as well as the measurement of technical fields and waves should not be missing as a measure for quality assurance.