Healthy living at home

Recognizing and realizing your home’s potential for a healthy life

Which health hazards lie within your house undetected? The #1 challenge of healthy living is dealing with our lifestyles’ domestic risk factors. To maintain good health into old age, smart prevention is key: undetected harmful substances, mold or electric smog can affect your well-being. We examine your home for pollution from technical fields (electric smog), microbiology, pollutants or radon and create individual concepts for risk reduction and prevention.

Risk Factors in your Home

We spend two-thirds of our lives indoors. Healthy living is an essential part of maintaining an intact immune system. Molds, toxins such as formaldehyde, solvents, wood preservatives, house dust, fibers, CO2 content, WLAN, DECT phones, mobile phones, electrical household appliances or installations, radon concentration: all these are classic risk factors in living spaces. They can accumulate and weaken your immune system, trigger allergies or cause chronic diseases.

Living Space Analysis and its Benefits

Which renovation measures result in a higher quality of life for you? Our recommendations are based on a personalized and careful analysis compliant with the standards of building biology measurement technology for the reduction and avoidance of risk factors. We examine your living space for electric and magnetic fields in low frequencies as well as electromagnetic fields in high frequencies, microbiology, pollutants, humidity and radon gas concentrations in buildings and real estate. We then compile a portfolio of actionable measures for renovation.

Reduce & Avoid domestic Health Hazards

Recognizing and analyzing dangers caused by residential toxins, molds, radon gas concentrations, technical fields (electrosmog) are the tasks of building biology. Healthy living is based on the reduction or prevention of numerous risk factors that affect health. Every reduction of residential toxins, dangers of mold formation, radon gas concentrations or attenuation of electromagnetic immissions of high frequency is a step towards more healthy living.


What does Healthy Living entail?

Healthy living entails the reduction and avoidance of risk factors, a targeted selection of building materials and furnishings free of pollutants, and a healthy approach to the wireless communication technologies of our time. Our recommendations are based on preventive health care according to international guidelines and the standards of building biology measurement technology. Modern building biology is a guide and companion for healthy living in a constantly changing world.

Our Services for Healthy Living

This is how we ensure you lead a healthy life in your home.

Baubiologische Beratung

Building Biology Consulting

Building biology consulting and monitoring of building projects or renovation measures, building materials, insulation materials, technical fields (electric pollution), light, radon, pollutants, mold, energy conservation.


Electric Pollution Reading

Measure of AC electric, magnetic field and electromagnetic waves in radiofrequencies by means of frequency-specific spectrum analysis. Individual assessment, recommendations for prevention.


Property Checks

Building, apartment and property surveys for moisture, pollutants, mold, radon. Reading of external influences such as high-voltage power lines, railroad lines or mobile radio.

Abschirmung von Hochfrequenz

Electromagnetic Shielding Concepts

Custom concepts for shielding of electric pollutions: AC electric, magnetic fields an Radio frequency.

Untersuchung Schimmelpilze

Mold Examination

Identification of indoor airborne microbe and particle clusters as well as material sampling. Measurements of indoor humidity, temperature, wall surfaces.

Renovation Supervision

Supervision of construction or renovation projects under the guidelines of building biology. Assessment of indoor air quality or quality assurance following measures to shield from e.g. high frequencies.